How We Should Start Communicating

Julian Treasure gave a fantastic speech about how to speak and have people listen. He first identifies the seven deadly sins of speech. This isn't necessarily a complete and exhaustive list but these are certainly some of the biggest ones.

  • Gossiping
  • Judging
  • Negativity
  • Complaining
  • Excuses
  • Lying
  • Dogmatism

Listen to the video as he provides some examples and background information on each of those. Unfortunately I'm probably guilty of all of those. Thankfully Julian doesn't just inform you on his thoughts and ideas but gives you something to combat against it. Here is what he proposes we use for our speech. HAIL.

  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Love

If people aren't listening to you there's a good chance you're committing one of the deadly sins of speech. Next time you converse with someone think about being honest. Think about being authentic and speaking with integrity. Love the person you're talking to.

Randall Carlson Owns Earth History

Climate change, meteor impacts, pyramids and Indians. Joe Rogan and Randall Carlson dig through a rabbit hole of information, ideas and historical accounts. All I can say is enter with an open mind or your mind will be opened for you. First things first I would certainly give this talk a listen before proceeding. Also if you have access to Netflix I would give the pyramid code a watch and glean any nuggets of evidence/information that you can. I'll go into more detail later in the post.

Essentially Randall takes the position that no scientist, no individual, can deny that the earth endures climate change. Our planet has experienced great spans of gloabl cooling as well as global warming. Look no further than the Ice Age to determine that our planet was wildly different at that time. What frustrates Randall is how our political system, as well as renowned scientists, who lay claim that A) the debate is over and Co2 is the primary cause and B) that we have a truly firm and comprehensive understanding of this complex equation.

Randall explains that the carbon footprint that humans leave is only one, very small piece of a dynamic puzzle. Burning of fossil fuels, animal output, cosmic rays, they all have impact on our planet and in return our planet reacts to all of these things. To suggest humans are the sole cause of climate change is preposterous. He goes on to explain that during times of global warming life expectancy rises, mortality rates drop, food production goes up and much more. It's during the time of global cooling when shit starts to hit the fan. Randall uses several pictures and years of studying the earth to demonstrate his theories which are compelling to say the least.

Carbon dioxide is only one variable in a complex equation.

From there stems 3 hours of a wide range of topics. Dive in and catch this amazing podcast with Joe Rogan and Randal Carlson. Probably one of my favorite Rogan podcasts. It's probably just easier to listen rather than more ranting!

Seth Godin Design Quote

Seth Godin, while talking about something completely different has a fantastic quote about design. This is what makes a good designer.

You build something remarkable because of the boundaries, not without them.

Since his post is so short I won't copy/paste the entire quote here. Check out his blog, subscribe and empower your life with Godinisms.

Controlling Change, The Power of Choice

I quoted Jody Williams in my last post but here it is again.

If we choose to feel passionate about something and do nothing it is a choice, you have chosen to do nothing. Believe me there are other people who will step into that gap, take that power and use it to accomplish what they want.

As time moves forward, with or without your consent, you start to realize the impact of your choices. You look back and reconsider your moves while coveting a reset or undo button. Who knows how many things I'd delete. Eventually you come to terms with your choices and start to make better ones(that's the idea anyways).

Now it finally starts to dawn on me the impact of this tiny bundle of information. How unnerving is it to think about forefeiting the power to make your own choices. Instead of unlocking your life you relinquish your choice to another and their cause. Not to be confused with helping your fellow or fulfilling contracts between people mind you. Simply put, your action of inaction. Vegetating?

I'm not even try to suggest there is something inherently evil by not making choices. I don't think that at all. You're just missing the greatest opportunity of your life. Whether you make any choices that impact your life the world will certainly not hand it over to you willingly. Because in the end one final decision will finally return you back into the dirt.

I feel like this is a prime example of making one serious choice. He chose to hang on long enough for the most badass doctors to save his life. Give it a watch, be inspired, make a choice for yourself. Preferably a wise one.

The Disguise of Change

Change is hard but change is constant for the human being. You're a fleeting, changing, evolving being in this world. For me what stands out is the speakers keen observation; you have ease of remembering vs difficulty of imagining. He says, It's easy to look back and remember who you are. It's difficult to look forward and imagine who you'll be and since it's difficult you mistakenly conclude that it won't happen. NEVER AGAIN

People do change, everyone does, everyday, forever. Instead of focusing on who are you focus on who you want to be. It turns out that far-fetched, lofty dreamy ideal just may be more in the realm of possibility than you realize.

Here is another great video about change.

The speaker has a tiny, little gem hidden at the end of the video around the 1:30 mark. Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize winner, hits on something key that I feel goes on in politics that is completely under-rated and far more sinister than greed.

If we choose to feel passionate about something and do nothing it is a choice, you have chosen to do nothing. Believe me there are other people who will step into that gap, take that power and use it to accomplish what they want.